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I have had the pleasure of speaking with some gifted psychics over the years including one that is very well known, but Aria is by far the most gifted, connected psychic that I’ve ever spoken with. For years I had been searching for guidance from someone who could explain the changes that were going on my life; changes and experiences that I couldn’t even mention to most people. When I spoke to Aria the first time, she not only answered my questions but added information that I wouldn’t have even thought to ask. She has an incredible ability to see what is going on in your life and convey the messages that you need to hear in that moment. I find that when I call with a question, I don’t end up saying much. She will pick up on the situation and the information will start to flow, and it is always incredible, inspiring and empowering. I’ve spoken to her several times, and will continue to seek her loving guidance. She is a true blessing in my life.

-- Kim Lewis, Suffolk, VA

The information you provided during our 30 minute session about my health, past lives and the many other things you covered was astounding. I absolutely resonated with everything you passed on to me.  The session was absolutely TRANSFORMATIONAL! When I got off the phone I felt better than I have in quite a while. You had said that "they" (the angels, guides and masters) would continue to work with me. And they absolutely did - non-stop. It was wonderful!  I am at the most peaceful and wonderful place from our session together.  Aria, a session with you is not to be missed! You are an absolute treasure and I highly recommend you to anyone with a desire to move fully forward in healing within and connectedness with Divine Source.  Thank your for the beautiful gifts you provide!  Many Blessings

-- Valerie Phillips,, Henderson, NV

Aria is one of the most gifted psychic readers I have ever worked with. I have had readings from dozens of psychics over the years, and she is by far one of the best. Aria is ever kind, well-spoken, positive and non-judgemental. She is extremely insightful, specific and is able to hone in on my situation immediately without a lot of questions. Her words are mesmerizing, she can see people's souls. I can always depend on her to get to the truth in any situation. Having a reading with Aria is like having tea with a very compassionate spiritual friend - she envelops you in a blanket of pure insight and love. She is the real deal - an angel who walks upon this earth in human form. God bless you Aria!!

-- Andrea Nichols, Evenbetternow LLC, Tucson, AZ

It has been nearly eight years since my first reading with Aria Magi in Sedona, and I knew with her first words that she has a special gift.  She is accurate, insightful, and just plain fun to work with.  Over the years I have had readings from many mediums, some famous such as James Van Praagh, and I can tell you that Aria can hold her own with any of them.  She is truly a clear channel for communication with my guides and loved ones.

-- Nancy Fischer, Wapakoneta, OH  

Aria is a sincere, enthusiastic, trustworthy individual who is in touch with guiding forces that are not readily available to many of us.  By using her unique ability she has facilitated communication with higher spirits that have guided me in making the correct decisions regarding all aspects of my life.  Consultations with Aria have contributed to my goal of having a life of peace and happiness.

-- Mark Williams, St. Charles, IL

I've had the good fortune of knowing Aria as a friend and spiritual guide for fourteen years.  She is a seer of a high level, and has consistently given me reliable information and spiritual guidance, from the physical to the soul level. She has a strong code of ethics and sense of responsibility for the information she conveys, which makes her so valuable as a Reader.  Over the years, I have recommended Aria to many of my friends who have been very appreciative of the referral and have remained loyal clients.  It is without reservation that I recommend Aria to anyone drawn to her for guidance.

-- PJW, Harrisburg, PA

Aria is truly a wonderful intuitive reader.  She went to the core of my life and gave me guidance on how to fulfill my highest spiritual purpose.  I highly recommend her.

-- Ananda Apfelbaum, Author of Thai Massage, Sacred Bodywork, New York, NY

I met Aria Magi quite randomly during a visit to Sedona, Arizona many years ago. I have traveled back to Sedona from Texas since then to hear her counsel and advise. Once you meet her and have first encountered anyone else who claims to be clairvoyant (because there are so few), you know she is authentic by comparison. Some of these people are studied, and this is not a studied matter, and many are phony, only interested in your bucks. A few are genuinely gifted, Aria Magi is.;

-- Danny K., Houston, TX

Your psychic readings have been really perfect. You are a rare Gem among psychics as I have been to a good few but without getting really accurate answers.

-- Eoin, Ireland

I just wanted to thank you for the reading today. I just received the recording of the reading also. You were so wonderful (warm and fun) and extremely articulate in the reading -- I was really shocked! You really moved me and make me really believe that I can "trust myself"! Thank you for giving me the confirmation. Highly recommended to anyone who's looking for the truth. Looking forward to our next reading :)

-- Ingrid, Sedona, AZ

My experience working with Aria has been a joy. She is warm, personable and down-to-earth. As soon as you start a conversation with her you know she loves life and enjoys sharing her gifts. Her gifts are not a mystery to her - and she does not attempt to make them a "Mystery" for you. She is familiar with a number of oracles and uses them as she is guided (or not)! In one session she may be called to reference numerology, in another, one or more decks of oracle cards. My suggestion is to let her go where she is called - as you can see the delight in her face (or hear it in her voice) when she finds a path to clearer information. Definitely worth the call!

-- Guy Matthews, Sound Healing with Crystal Sound Bowls, Sedona, AZ

I met Aria in September of 2010 when I went to her for a reading. It was an awe-inspiring experience. She helped me through a problem I was having which changed my life forever! She is witty, very gifted, and compassionate.

Since that first reading, I have had several more with her. Each time I have learned more about myself and Aria connected me with my loved ones on the other side. She is a great medium!

Have a reading with Aria. You will not be disappointed.

-- JK Wright, Coral Springs, FL

Dear Aria, I just want you to know that I appreciate so much all the information you made available to me. Talking to you was a superb opportunity for many reasons. First, you have exceptional psychic abilities. Second, you are a great human being with great qualities. It was so easy to connect with you and I know it was you who facilitated the connection. I'm always so uncomfortable with readings and I always freeze. I'm so glad that you were able to record it. I'm still processing all the info.

-- Marisela Miami, FL

Dear Aria, I wanted to let you know that my life has turned 360 degrees after I talked to you and believe absolutely that the entities work through you and are working on me. I have not been able to exercise for 4 years and I started exercising the same day I got off the phone with you, in fact this weekend I jogged 9 miles over 3 days. I am now working out at 6am in the morning, which is something that I used to do, but have not been able to get into the routine of doing. This is unbelievable going from sedentary to having a full blown 'energy' of an athlete. Not only related to health as well as personally helping me deal with emotionally blocks with my husband, I have been given the confidence to vocally address my concerns with my husband and in a way that allows him to understand my point of view so we can work through our issues in creating a fulfilling and loving relationship. I feel very blessed to have been able to have the opportunity for your healing. If I can describe it, it would be like a 'light' that has been opened inside of me, that has given me the power to overcome life's obstacles in a positive way. I thank you for passing onto me God's light and love, with God's love everything and anything is possible. Peace and love to you.

- - Giovanna

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